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Our mission is simple; "We strive to ensure a repeat business relationship based on customer satisfaction."

Cotters Carpentry has a promise, it is to the customers. Quality and satisfaction is the top goal for any client. I have construction exp. since 1993 & carpentry exp. since 1998. This is not a "wall street" company so therefore we answer directly to the consumer (you - the client). Your the boss! My advice & experience is at your disposal.
Officially Organized 12/2007

Left: My Daughter, Right: Philip Cotter - Owner of Cotters Carpentry

Help a Disabled American Veteran Out.

Cotters Carpentry is a animal friendly business. Dogs are amazing friends. If you like animals, please feel free to help out. Take care of your dog, it is the only creature on the planet that will give its' life to defend you.

Please Donate to the A.S.P.C.A.

Phil Cotter - working

If Cotters Carpentry takes on your job you can be assured that all of the little (and big) equipment needs are taken care of. You don't have to get scaffolding, for example, to do a 2nd story window replacement.* Cotters Carpentry works with the property owner (permit puller) or the General Building Contractor, when a Permit is necessary. Arrangements are available for materials also.* Just ask for details.
*Materials and Equipment are not included in the Labor Quote unless specifically stated there-in.

Cotters Carpentry - Philip B. Cotter
 Bradenton, Florida 34207

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